Msgr. Winus Roeten

The inspiration of '' was Winus Roeten. He not only served as a public speaking inspiration and a personal counselor for almost 70 years as a Catholic Priest in Southeast Louisiana, he was so much more than just a really good priest. He embodied his Christian calling as a way of being in all that he did.

His "semi-retirement" of 18 years, the final years of his life, led him to an extended time commitment to the service of others, especially those most in need, being involved in so many actions and endeavors.  In a addition to his multitude of commitments to helping humanity, he loved relating to and inspiring and empowering the young ones to grow to being joyous and significant human beings.

He was not only a great speaker but a dedicated listener. He was not only a great teacher but a devoted student. He was eternally committed to the service of others and vigilantly dedicated to developing the tools and skills to do so in the most effective manner. (*add over 100 years / over 1,000 books sentence)


Being clear on the fact that all we truly have is "right here, right now" is the paramount point of his teaching.  

That's the commitment we are dedicated to continuing and building upon here at I am Msgr. Roeten's nephew Terry Power and it is what he passed on to me and what I will do my best at in serving as a worthy steward of this legacy.