Abundance Affirmation

Abundance Affirmation


HumansUSA.com's Multi-Level Wisdom Affirmation Recording (18 minute M4A Instant Download)

* This recording serves as an incredible enhancement to your abundance flow and as a very powerful influencer to making inspired choices. - In this state-of-the-art production, you are quickly transported to being by a flowing stream hearing the inspiring sound of a Native American Flute playing.

Written & Directed by Terry Power (Creator of HumansUSA.com)

Audio Engineering & Sound Mixing by Shawn Power (Owner of Spotless Digital Productions)

Voices: Shawn Power (main), Janet Walsh & Terry Power

This project consists of:

* Natural Sounds of Ocean Waves and Light Rain,

* Mathematically & Scientifically Produced Binaural Theta Pulsing,

(The Theta Pulsing creates Brain Receptiveness)

* Three Vocal Tracks (two male & one female) of Audible Sounds and

* Two Vocal Tracks (one male & one female) of Inaudible Sounds

(The Inaudible Tracks create Subliminal Reinforcement of Audible Tracks)

* Special Credit to 'History of Words/Calming Sounds' for the Flute Recording

All you have to do is:

  • Find a place and time where you can close your eyes and be undisturbed for 18 minutes.
  • Place headphones or earbuds on.
  • Turn the recording on, listen to the words and sounds
  • Get into a natural flow of deep breathing.
  • When prompted, quietly recite along with the moderator the affirmation for 108 times.

Then, go forth with complete gratitude and confidently continue to make the wise decisions that move you closer to the health and well-being that you deserve and truly can achieve.