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Personal Assessment & Empowerment Program (An Established Process)

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Deliberate Creation’s Personal Assessment and Empowerment Program

 This is a Full Package of Components that was successfully developed over decades.  It starts with a Detailed Questionnaire for you to fill out regarding where philosophically you feel you are and where you'd like to be. It will include your desires and goals and your feelings about any shortcomings or obstacles that may create problems on the road to achieving those things.


After you click submit, it will be reviewed and analyzed as a prep for a 20-minute Phone Conversation that will be scheduled between you and Terry Power (President of Deliberate Creation and Creator of This coaching session will respond to the specifics of your questionnaire’s answers and Terry will address the tools & skills and the plans & processes needed on your path. He will also determine the books & other resources that he recommends for you specifically and why. You will fully understand the message of Deliberate Creation. You will learn to 'deliberately create, with open allowance and grateful anticipation, your meaningful creation. Whether your 'creation' is a small short-term goal or a large lifetime desire, you will consistently feel good, be good and do good!


In addition to the session’s consultation, you will start receiving a monthly email from us giving you free access to a private page of the recent Blogs & Video Posts by our contributing team members in applicable fields that are specific to Life Enhancement. This will continue to give you direction and the ability to forever focus on tapping into the divine gifts of peace and power that you have within you. They will continue to focus on how to hone the skills needed to face life's ongoing challenges. And no matter what, you will learn to always be happy, grateful and forgiving.

The cost for the whole package is only $90.00 ( great limited time offer of 50% OFF now )

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